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Shironeko Cat and his Family! 30 Funny Gifs!

Shironeko Cat and his Family! 30 Funny & Hilarious Gifs! Look all amazing gifs of Famous White Basket Cat and his friends inside!

Shironeko (lit. means «White Cat»), also known as Kagoneko (from Japanese «Basket Cat»), a Turkish Van cat who is famous for his always sleepy and happy face, his habit of curling up in all kinds of baskets, and his wonderful ability to balance different objects on his head. The cat has been given several nicknames by its fans, most notably “Basket Cat” and “Zen Cat.”

Shiro is a 13-year-old cat (was born on March 8th, 2002), he lives in Japan with his owner and other cats-friends. He is known as a member of the internet cat elite for several years already. His fans are fallen in love with Shiro’s adorably round always happy face and incredible patience for holding some things (such as fruits and vegetables, flowers, hats, little containers) on his head.

Anyway, Shiro looks absolutely at peace with the whole world. This cat cognized Nirvana.

shironeko white

shironeko bascket cat

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shironeko white cats


shironeko cat

shironeko cats in box

shironeko cats with apples

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